5 Characteristics of Christian Work Ethic

When Paul was writing on work ethic in Colossians 3 he says that the Christian’s work should be carried out “not with eye-service as people pleasers, but in sincerity of heart, fearing God.” In other words, do your job when your supervisor is looking and when he’s not looking, for as followers of Christ our work is first and foremost unto the Lord. Could it be that a Christian who doesn’t give his best is a Christian who has forgotten who he works for? Let’s not forget that we work for the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore a good work ethic should be the testimony of a Christian. With that in mind here are five characteristics of a good Christian work ethic:

1. Punctuality

Be on time for work, meetings, and assignments. Be prepared with the tasks that have been given to you.

2. Transparency

Provide clear and constant communication to your supervisors and to those whom you work with. No unnecessary surprises, and no hidden agendas.

3. Reliability

Be dependable with the work that has been given to you. Give your best effort and diligence. Those who are often the most reliable are those who go above and beyond the expectations.

4. Integrity

Character is still the most important quality we have to give, and character is always more important than gifts and abilities. In all things may godliness be preeminent in our work.

5. Teachability

Admit your mistakes and be open about your weaknesses. Be willing to change and always seeking to improve. Ultimately, teachability is an expression of true humility.

Let’s do our job, and do it with a work ethic that brings glory to Christ!

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