Reasons To Attend Preach The Word

I’m grateful for the vision of Pastor Scott Tewell, along with his staff, to launch the Preach The Word workshop 2 years ago. It’s been wonderful to come away annually with like-minded preachers to sharpen our tools for the great work of feeding the flock of God. I’m excited to be working with Pastors Scott Tewell and Kurt Skelly to continue this annual workshop here in Charlotte, North Carolina at Laurel Baptist Church on September 29-30, 2016 (Find more details at

If you’re trying to decide whether or not PTW would be a helpful experience for you, maybe the following reasons might encourage you to register today:

1. It’s not a conference.

Conferences are helpful for all of us in ministry, but that’s not the purpose of PTW. This is a workshop. It’s intended to be personal, laid back, and strictly instructional regarding the resources, study methods, and delivery of weekly, biblical sermons. We have one focus, one subject, and one agenda: preach THE WORD!

2. It’s short. 

What’s great about coming away for this workshop is that you don’t have to miss any of your weekly services, if you don’t want to. The workshop starts at 1:00pm on Thursday and concludes at 4:00pm on Friday. Of course, you’re welcome to attend our mid-week service on Wednesday night if you’d like to come early. Some preachers will be doing so and one of those pastors will preach, but if you need to be at your place…you can! Charlotte airport is only 25 minutes away from our church and hotel locations. PTW is convenient for our busy, ministry schedules.

3. The like-minded fellowship is refreshing.

I love the spirit of the men who attend PTW. There’s no competitive spirit among one another’s ministries. There are no “big preachers” and “little preachers.” We don’t seat you according to your congregation’s size. No! The men who come together for this workshop recognize no matter where we pastor, what size congregation we have, or the current state of our ministries we all have a great responsibility: to faithfully and accurately preach the Bible, week after week, to the glory of God. Our focus is to offer refreshing encouragement in these days where Bible preaching is so desperately needed!

4. It’s helpful for both new and seasoned preachers.

To stop and listen how another pastor has approached a passage of Scripture or a particular book of the Bible has been helpful for me each and every year. At the PTW workshop I have come away with…

  • Improved methods for my personal sermon preparation time.
  • Enhanced techniques for planning out an annual preaching schedule.
  • Educated resources on Bible study software and research methods.
  • Practical help from the Q&A sessions regarding explanation, illustration, and application of scripture.
  • Deeper devotion to the faithful, accurate teaching of God’s Word.

There’s no question…PTW will be helpful to anyone at any stage of ministry, and this is already evident by the demographic of our attendees.

5. You’ll discover you’re not alone.

Have you ever wondered if you’re the only pastor in town that hasn’t watered-down their preaching to produce “talks” about spiritual things with an occasional verse of Scripture here or there? Obviously, you’re not. There are thousands just like you around the world who desire to remain faithful to the biblical preaching of the Bible – to be “instant in season, out of season.” PTW gives us the opportunity to realize, “I’m not alone.” For the past two years it has been encouraging to recognize that there are other men just like me that I can glean from, encourage, and work together with as we rightly divide the word of truth.

Monday, August 1, 2016 is the $35 pre-registration deadline. Registrations after Monday go up to $50. Go to to register. Please contact me if I can answer any question for you. I hope you’ll join me, Pastor Tewell, and Pastor Skelly in Charlotte, NC for Preach The Word 2016.


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