Conducting An All Night Prayer Meeting

This past Friday night we hosted an all night men’s prayer meeting. I wish I could adequately express what the Lord did through the night; however, I can’t seem to find the words to fully describe how the presence of God met with us. Over 40 of our men came together in the spirit of Lamentations 2:19 – “Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the night watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: lift up thy hands toward him.

I recently wrote a post answering the question, “Why an all night prayer meeting?” You can read it here. Today’s post is more along the lines of the process we had in conducting the all night prayer meeting. So, here are a few thoughts and things we learned:


The Lord has been doing some things in my life that I just needed to share with the men of our church who would help me pray. There are areas of our current ministry that I knew our only option was to show God that we were fully and completely dependent on Him. Our prayer meeting was not scheduled out to occur as just another event, but a response to God’s work in my heart to rally the men together for the purpose of pursuing the presence of God in our ministry and in the needs of our life. This was communicated clearly from the pulpit in preparation for the meeting and it set the tone of the night when we assembled together.


This was important not only to know how many would be joining me, but also to communicate with them on the days leading up the prayer meeting. Via email I would encourage them about our upcoming time together, sharing verses and thoughts that would put us in a unified, prayerful state of mind.


It’s clear that Friday night is the best night to conduct an all-nighter, but the timing is equally important. We scheduled it for a 6 hour time period (11pm to 5am). Many all night prayer meetings that I have studied begin as early as 6 in the evening and carry on until 6 in the morning. I, personally, felt this was a little overwhelming and conflicting with the ease of schedule. So, we chose to begin at a time where Friday night activities would not be interrupted and men could make their way out to the church about the same time their families were headed to bed. I chose to end at 5am for sake of the men who would be headed out to work on Saturday morning. This gave them time to transition from the prayer meeting to Saturday obligations.


Our local Starbucks donated 5 gallons of coffee along with the creamer, cups, and all the items necessary. We also picked up 12 dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme along with fruit, snacks, energy bars, and other drinks. These stations were set up in the lobby and made available prior to the prayer meeting as well as our 3 scheduled breaks during the night.


The most important thing to remember is that the prayer meeting shouldn’t resemble a Sunday preaching service – it is a prayer meeting. Our auditorium lights were dimmed low…soft, acoustical music playing over the speakers…the atmosphere was most definitely set for a unique time of corporate and personal prayer.


Singing is prayer and praise to our God and I personally wouldn’t have a corporate prayer meeting without it. Structure times of worship and testimony throughout the evening.


We had 3 segments during our 6 hour night of prayer. Each segment began with worship, testimonies, and Scripture reading. We, then, moved into our structured time of prayer. Here’s what the schedule looked like…

Segment One (11:00pm to 1:00am)

  • Opening instructions and details about the night.
  • Worship Singing (mix in prayer & testimonies).
  • Scripture Reading & Thoughts from Pastor.
  • Time of Prayer Focused On God’s Presence & Work in Our Church (groups, individually, and corporately).

BREAK from 1:00am to 1:25am for coffee and refreshments.

Segment Two (1:30am to 3:00am)

  • Worship Singing (mix in prayer & testimonies).
  • Scripture Reading
  • Time of Prayer Over Requests Submitted for the Prayer Meeting (groups, individually, and corporately).

BREAK from 3:00am to 3:25am for coffee and refreshments.

Segment Three (3:30am to 5:00am)

  • Worship Singing (mix in prayer & testimonies).
  • Scripture Reading
  • Time of Prayer Throughout the Building (groups of men in every room praying for each ministry).
  • The Lord’s Supper with Continual Prayer, Testimony, and Singing.

CONCLUDE at 5am, but sensitive to those who are still praying.

I’m excited about what God did in this meeting. I was encouraged by the men who attended, prayed, and shared in my burden for the present work of God in our church. It was helpful to release some burdens on my heart and have the men of our church pray for hours over these needs.Our men will never know how much it meant to me personally. We cried together, sang together, prayed together, and rejoiced together. There was a glow of encouragement that left with us. God truly gave us an outpouring of His Spirit. We knew the presence of God was with us and was honoring our time together. It was amazing to hear the men express their excitement for the next time we have an all night prayer meeting. May every church learn the value of a prayer meeting, after all we are to be known as a ‘house of prayer’!


11 thoughts on “Conducting An All Night Prayer Meeting

  1. Really good, Jonathan. Thank you for sharing this.




    Ricky Tippett Assistant to the Pastor

    “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” ~ 2 Timothy 2:15

    Beacon Baptist Church 2110 Trawick Rd. Raleigh, NC 27604 (919) 872-2215 x 107


  2. I enjoyed that we started each prayer segment by praising God for who He is! I also realized that I needed to confess my sins, make restitution for the wrongs that I have done, and forgive others if I wanted God to hear my prayers. Preparing my heart for a spirit of revival is key.

    My faith was strengthened by the men who showed up– men who are going through their own trials– to intercede on behalf of others! It is so easy to be consumed by our own concerns that we forget the needs of others. It was such a blessing to see a spirit of unity among other believers to see the cause of Christ move forward.

    I look forward to our next all-night prayer meeting!

  3. Our all night prayer meeting last Friday was a great experience for me. It was refreshing to see the men of our church agreeing in prayer about things that God had laid on our pastors heart as well as praying for needs and concerns we had. I thank God that our pastor, Jonathan Blankenship, listened to the leading of the Holy Spirit scheduling this meeting. God moved on our midst like never before.

  4. Just wanted to share a few things from my experience on Friday night. During the first break I simply sat in my seat and listened. The Holy Spirit put three things on my heart:

    1. Become more serious about being the spiritual leader in my home.
    2. Becoming more of a humble servant.
    3. Praying more frequently and more deeply for Pastor, Jared, Mike H., and Stephanie.

  5. I have never felt the presence of God in a service as strong as I did this night. With so many things in our lives it would’ve been easy to skip a meeting like this where only a handful of people would know you missed. The conviction for attending this meeting comes straight from God and the seriousness of the prayers you have in your life. We often wonder if God hears us (although we shouldn’t) and when pastor mentioned that the sacrifice of sleep is just one way people in the Old Testament would show the seriousness behind their prayers I was immediately moved into signing up. Not for the reason of wanting an answer to a prayer but just hearing that triggered the thought that, my relationship with God should mean more to me than anything in the carnal world. To see other men sacrificing their sleep to pray for people they did not even know, is a strong testimony to the season our church is being led through by Pastor Blankenship and his willingness to surrender our ministry to God’s will. I truly believe we have already seen answered prayer from this meeting and I believe we will be seeing many more. This meeting may have been the most important meeting I have ever attended and I look forward to being a part of another!

  6. Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
    Greetings to you in Jesus’ name from India!
    I am Pastor Bashir. I am and my wife Ayeasha (she is a Nurse) specifically reaching to the Muslims for Christ and establishing Churches inside Muslim community by God’s will & help for His own glory.
    My daughter Noorie (18 years old) is being sick from last few months. Her 12th standard final board exams will be held from 15th March 2017. She is feeling fear, anxiety & stress for the exams and she is feeling sleepiness very often and for long hours. Also pray for God’s wisdom and knowledge for her preparation for the exams.
    Humbly I request you kindly uphold her in your prayers and pray that Jesus Himself might touch and healed her for His own glory.

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