The Biblical Deacon

I love our deacons! It wasn’t until the beginning of this year (year #7 of our church) that we instituted the deacon ministry. Up to this point it was an unnecessary role due to the age of our church and spiritual growth. When we first launched in 2008, we established a Leadership Team for both accountability and assistance but it was clear toward the end 2014 that it was time to take the next step of structure in our young church. As the Lord led, we set aside four men who had proven to be Acts 6 men, men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom. Since January of this year they have served me and our church well. In this post I thought I would take a moment to talk about the Biblical deacon. What are deacons?

1. Servantsthey do whatever must be done in the church to meet the needs. I’m grateful for the servant-hearted spirit of our men who serve as deacons. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty and spend their energy for the cause of Christ and His church.

2. Encouragersthey encourage the work of the pastor and the growth of the people. Our men continually encourage our ministry and our people. Whether it be through a phone call, card, or visit at the hospital. I’m grateful for their willingness to encourage me, our staff, and our church family at their own time and expense.

3. Examplesthey are examples of faith, witnessing, and godliness to the people of the local church. This is the entire purpose behind the qualifications of a deacon. Men who are going to serve the church for spiritual purposes must set a spiritual example. They cannot help people strengthen their faith, if they are not full of faith. They cannot help others share the gospel, if they do not share the gospel. It’s important that every deacon recognize the seriousness of his life in setting the right example for the church.

4. Guardiansthey protect the time and ministry of the pastor in fulfilling His calling. This is a primary purpose for the establishment of the deacon ministry. The apostles were to continually give themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer, and the deacons became a guardian of this ministry. I cannot begin to describe to you how helpful our deacons have been to me by assisting in various ministry areas so that I could devote as much time as necessary with the Lord and His Word.

5. Problem Solversthey biblically assist the pastor in dealing with issues within the church. At times problems may arise that need the attention of appointed church leaders. Our deacons are always available as well as able to assist in dealing with problems that may arise.

In summary, a biblical deacon is best summarized by leadership, faithfulness, and humility. In leadership they are spiritual leaders and servant leaders. In faithfulness, they are faithful to God, their families, and their church. In humility, they serve humbly God’s appointed man and the church God has assembled.

In the midst of a church age where the biblical role of a deacon has been misapplied, I’m thankful for the heart of our men to be biblical deacons.

For Scriptural reading refer to Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Timothy 3:8-15.


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