Praying for Your Church Family

Yesterday we distributed a new resource in the church bulletin to enhance our ability to systematically pray for one another. We are simply calling it The Monthly Prayer Guide. On the first Sunday of every month you’ll receive this Prayer Guide that will have assigned members of the church to a corresponding day of the month. Uniquely, it will enable you to pray for certain members of the church every day of the month. Think about it – if you are faithful to follow the guide, there’s not a day that will go by that our church family will not be prayed for. I’m really excited about this tool!

But how do we pray for our church family, especially the ones we are not able to get close to due to the steady growth of our ministry? Let me suggest ten areas for you to consider when praying daily for our church family through the monthly prayer guide.

1. Pray for their spiritual growth. 

2. Pray they will be faithful to the weekly worship services.

3. Pray they will be protected from temptation and satanic warfare.

4. Pray they will live in joy and not discouragement. 

5. Pray for their marriages to be healthy and godly.

6. Pray for their children to love God and seek His Word.

7. Pray for their testimony at work and productivity of their jobs.

8. Pray for fruitfulness in the ministries of the church in which they serve. 

9. Pray for their unity with others – to love, forgive, and restore.

10. Pray they will be sensitive to the will of God and obey His Word.

So, let’s use our Prayer Guides to faithfully pray for our church family. I certainly appreciate your prayers, and I am excited to see how God will bless as we faithful commit ourselves to #PrayingTogether.


2 thoughts on “Praying for Your Church Family

  1. I really enjoyed the Prayer Banquet as the launching of our new prayer groups. I’m excited to be a group leader and have already started praying for my group as well as those on my daily Prayer Guide. Faithfulness to your group is truly the key for its success. Psalms 31:23b …for the Lord preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer.Thank you Pastor for teaching us to pray!

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