Thanks, Dad! (thoughts from a pastor’s kid)

This week I had the privilege of speaking for my dad’s revival services at Promised Land Baptist Church in Gastonia. We love their church! I was thinking this week during the meeting just how much I appreciate my mom and dad. Their example and instruction has prepared me for a life of ministry greater than any college class or ministry resource. So, I just want to say “THANKS!”

  1. Thanks for investing the Scripture into my life and leading me to Christ. Hell was never preached so hot!
  2. Thanks for teaching me that the most fulfilling life is lived in the center of God’s Will. 
  3. Thanks, dad, for loving my mom and being faithful to her for more than 35 years of marriage.
  4. Thanks for being my dad and not just my pastor. I was as proud of you as my coach in sports as I was as my pastor in church.
  5. Thanks for preaching the Bible with boldness and leading me to love God’s Word. 
  6. Thanks for showing me how to contend for the faith without being contentious toward others. 
  7. Thanks for helping me to learn how to love people and serve them as Christ leads us to do. 
  8. Thanks for never questioning my motives even when you wouldn’t use the same ministry method.
  9. Thanks for making Jared and I love each other and get along. Our working together is the fruit of faithful parenting, and I couldn’t imagine our ministry without him.
  10. Thanks for not building your ministry around preferences and opinions, but on the Word of God. I’m grateful you honored the biblical, contextual preaching of God’s Word and not the manipulation of Scripture. 
  11. Thanks for showing me the importance of local church autonomy, and not denominational loyalty. 
  12. Thanks for teaching me daily how to be patient in the Lord’s work and not to do ministry in the flesh. 
  13. Thanks for pushing me to do my best in all areas of my life, even when I was lazy with school.
  14. Thanks for your continued teaching in my life. I cherish the times we get together and you share what God is doing in your life. 
  15. Thanks for the transparency of your ministry. It helps me to be transparent with our church family. 
  16. Thanks for showing me how to live by faith in God’s Will, even when others thought it was crazy to walk away from successful ministries to embrace new challenges.
  17. Thanks for showing me how to be a friend to your friends. You always love other preachers and compliment their ministries even when they were philosophically different from you. 
  18. Thanks for teaching me to be a soul-winner, and helping me to reach others for Christ.
  19. Thanks for doing ministry first-class. Your instruction of “striving for excellence” has shaped my goals and structure in ministry. 
  20. Thanks for walking with God. Those memories of seeing you on your face weeping before God has forever impacted my life. 
  21. Thanks for being humble. You are the most humble man I’ve ever known.
  22. Thanks for not using social media to attack other preachers and ministries. 
  23. Thanks for loving and accepting my wife as your own daughter and for loving and accepting her parents.
  24. Thanks for being a good Papa & Nana to my kids. I love watching the two of you roll around the floor with them and shower them with your love.
  25. Thanks for being a faithful man of God and a great pastor & pastor’s wife even to this day.

Dad, thanks for letting me preach revival this week. I love you and mom and am so proud of the great servants of God you are at Promised Land Baptist Church!



5 thoughts on “Thanks, Dad! (thoughts from a pastor’s kid)

  1. This is fantastic! Thankful for men of God like your dad that “keep it real” at home, not just in church. I have loads of respect for your parents.

  2. We Love You Pastor. We are so thankful that the Lord brought us to LBC and the opportunity to not only meet but serve and worship with You, your Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister. Your entire family has been a true blessing in our lives.

  3. That was so nice for you to tell your dad. I thank him for it all and you are the man you are today. I know he is so proud and thankful for you. The right kind of proud, not boastful but honoring the Lord. Just keep on keeping on. When you are transparent with us it makes us feel part of a big family. You can feel love in our church. Thank you.

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