Praying For Your Church Staff

James 5:16 – …pray one for another… Pastors and ministry leaders that serve on a church staff should make it a priority to pursue God daily on behalf of one another. I found that one of the biggest challenges is knowing exactly what to pray and how to pray when praying for our staff. One day I took the word STAFF and used it as an acrostic to guide me in my daily pursuit of God on behalf of our staff. It helped me. Here’s how I pray for our church STAFF:

Pray for their Spiritual Growth

Pray the staff will grow in God’s grace, love His Word, and seek His face. Pray they will be godly husbands and fathers; godly wives and mothers.

Pray for their Time Management

Pray the staff will be good stewards of their time in the office and around the ministry making the best effort possible to get the work done.

Pray for their Agreement In Unity

Pray the staff will serve in one accord having unity and harmony together. One of the greatest contributors of joy in the ministry is oneness of spirit and mind.

Pray for their Focus

Pray the staff will always have the right focus in life and ministry. Focus on their work, on the gospel, on souls, on worship, on their families, etc.

Pray for their Families

Simply, pray for the family members of the staff…spouses, children, etc. that God will protect them, work in their lives, use them, and bring them the joy of the Lord.


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