What I Appreciate About Our Staff

It has been frequently stated that behind every good man is a great woman, and I wholeheartedly agree. Similarly, I would go on to say that behind every good pastor is an incredible staff! I am so grateful for the team God has assembled here in Charlotte at LBC. I am blessed beyond measure to serve alongside of some of the greatest people on earth.

So often in the business of ministry we fail to acknowledge how much we appreciate those who labor together with us day in and day out. I recently shared with our church staff at our annual retreat a devotion from Philippians 1, particularly verse 3 – I thank my God upon every remembrance of you. I shared with them 5 things that I appreciate about them. I want you to hear them too.

1. I appreciate their hard work.
Our staff is a hard working crew. It’s actually quite insulting to hear people belittle those in full-time ministry by giving the notion that they don’t work a “real job.” Some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met serve God faithfully on a church staff. Our men and ladies are no different. They work hard, expending themselves, to make sure Jesus Christ is glorified to the best of our ability through our local church. And I appreciate that!

2. I appreciate their passion to serve.
The effectiveness and unity of a church staff is often contingent on whether they view their ministry as an employee or as a servant. The passion of our church staff to serve the people of Laurel Baptist Church continually blows me away. I’m so thankful they do not limit themselves to clocking in and clocking out. They love our families and they love our Lord, and it is evident by their passion to serve them daily, even at their own expense. And I appreciate that!

3. I appreciate their willingness to do what others do not want to do.
I can’t tell you how many times when there were no volunteers to help, there stood the staff of our church ready and willing to do what needs to be done. People are quick to make suggestions, but few are willing to meet the need themselves. Our staff never complains about work not found on a job description, and I appreciate that!

4. I appreciate their humility to serve without recognition.
A good pastor will recognize the hard work of his staff, but a good staff will not work for the recognition. There are enough personalities that have to be “babied” in the church. A pastor shouldn’t have to tip-toe around proud staff members who pout when they are not recoginized. Our staff is faithful to serve regardless of the recogition, and I appreciate that!

5. I appreciate their faithful support of my vision.
I give a lot of space and freedom for our staff to do what the Lord leads them to do in their various ministries, but not one of them have ever superimposed their way over the vision God has given me as pastor of our church…and I appreciate that!

To our staff…once again, THANK YOU for your faithfulness. To a pastor who may be reading this…how long has it been since your staff has heard you express why you love and appreciate them? Don’t take them for granted!


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