Why I Love My Church

This Sunday is our annual I Love My Church Sunday at Laurel Baptist. It’s a great day as we do a few extra things to express our love for this local church God has given us here in Charlotte. Everyone in attendance will get a car decal with the new church logo, and we’ll also recognize an individual/couple for the “I Love My Church” Award. With this special Sunday coming up, I thought I’d share a few reasons why I love my church!

I love the doctrine of our church.

This is where we must begin. Without biblical doctrine we don’t have a biblical church. I’m thankful to be a part of a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching Baptist church that stands for the pure doctrine of God’s Word. Laurel Baptist Church unashamedly strives to be a New Testament, Biblical, Baptist Church that is unwavering in our doctrine.

I love the people of our church.

It’s amazing how many people visit our church and make statements like, “I’ve never been to a church this warm and friendly.” But it goes way beyond friendliness. It’s how our people love, care, and support one another. I’ve never seen anything like it! LBC is truly a remarkable, one of a kind, church. I LOVE the people of this church!

I love the preaching of our church.

Okay, before you think this is self-absorbed statement, let me clarify. I cannot speak for what people think of my preaching, but I can speak as a member of our church when I am able to hear preaching. For example, I’m not one of those pastors who dread giving up my pulpit to our staff. I LOVE hearing Jared preach. God uses him to help our church. In addition, I love the guest preachers that come and preach; countless numbers of men through the years that God has used in my life. I’m glad the preaching at Laurel Baptist is full of life, grace, and biblical truth.

I love the music of our church.

I do! I love, love, love the music. It’s not perfect. I’m sure there are more skilled and talented congregations, but our music is one of the best. The style, the selection of songs, the musicians, the heart of the people who sing it..it’s all good! Church music should be Christ-honoring, worshipful, and enjoyable. The music at Laurel is just that!

I love the heart of our church.

The heart of Laurel Baptist Church is to connect, grow, and serve. I love that our focus for these 5 years has been to connect people to Christ, help them grow in grace, and the watch them serve in His work. This heart has not changed since we’ve begun. We continue in this passion.

I love the vision of our church.

Someone recently said, “Where there is no vision the people perish…and find another parish.” It’s true! Why belong to a local church that has no vision for God, His church, and His work around the world? I’m thankful that since day one, when 30 people chose to labor together with God, we’ve not only sustained a vision for God’s work, but we have strengthened that vision as God has led us. We may not always know where God is taking us or how we are getting there, but we certainly grab hold of the truth that “with God nothing shall be impossible.” I love that LBC doesn’t have the “we’ve never done it that way before” mentality or the “I don’t think it can be done” mindset. The future has always been as bright as the promises of God!

What do you love about your church? I’d like to hear it! Take a few moments to comment below on why you love your church! (if you’re from Laurel, your comments may be used this Sunday)


41 thoughts on “Why I Love My Church

  1. I love my church because the preaching is awesome. The preacher is extremely smart and he is very good teacher of The Word. He has a way of explaining scripture that has opened my eyes to what the scriptures actually mean. Also the people are so sweet and kind at the Church. I have been to other churches before and know that this church is The Real Deal. I also love the vision this Church has and it’s growth plan. I feel like as a Christian I can do nothing but grow more and more here!!! So happy I have found this Church!!!

  2. I like the songs, the activities, when sometimes I get to hear the Pastor preach. I like the man up conference when I get to hear all the men preach.

  3. I love my church because we have loving people and great preaching. Awesome music and talented singers. I love helping out in the church because it’s going towards a good purpose. I like the youth group and how Brother Jared focuses on certain passages in the bible. I like the preaching and how Pastor goes through each verse in each chapter in each book of the bible. I like the activities that they choose to do like the food. I like the man up conference and the steak and potatoes. I like REACH and the name of it too.

  4. I love my church because it has like fun stuff at the church, I have friends, I get candy, and I like playing go fish even though we didn’t win. It was the superbrainteasers versus the sharks. I like the food and that we get to slide down the bouncy slides and the cake walk because you get cake and get to pick whatever cake you want.

  5. First is my pastor Johnathan Blankenship his teaching saved me. He teaches the biblical truth no add on or take away. I’ve never felt the holy spirit like I do now at LBC, I feel like he’s their just for me. I didnt know a year and a half ago this would be my church, but God have His way of putting just who you need in your life. I love the members at LBC because they really care. Phone calls, hugs, cards in the mail and fellowship. LBC is THE BEST!

  6. I love my church b/c the Lord is there. I know that seems like an obvious statement, but it is truly a special place b/c His presences is real and magnified. The services are uplifting and exciting and the preaching of His Word is clear and applicable. There is much encouragement from men and ladies who walk with the Lord and truly care for one another on a deeper level than just “Hey, how are you?”. I am so blessed beyond measure to be a part of this ministry. I hope and pray that I can be as much of a blessing to those who walk through the doors, as the members have been to me.

  7. I truly love my church for many reasons. First, the truth of God’s word is preached & taught which has helped me grow in my relationship with the Lord for which I am thankful beyond words, every day. Secondly, I love my church family which keeps growing! Everyone really cares for & loves one another. This is the most friendly & loving church I have ever attended. Thirdly, I love the vision & heart of our pastor. Thank you Lord for sending Pastor Jonathan to LBC. I could go on & on. I know I would be a floundering Christian in this world if it were not for my church! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for LBC!

  8. I’m not real good at expressing my feelings but here goes. I typically don’t use the word “love” I my conversations but in this case I feel it is necessary. I LOVE MY CHURCH. And all the people that make up the church. We have a great spirit led pastor who truly cares for his people. Our staff is one of the best around , they are so down to earth and genuine. It truly fills my heart with joy to see all the new faces God brings our way every week. I can’t to get to church every week to see what God is gonna do next with our church. From our pastor all the way down to me we are truly LaborersTogether.

    1. Jim, this was big of you. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard you use the word “love” before outside of hunting. You are a great example of Aaron & Hur in the Bible as they supported Moses. I’m thankful for you!

  9. I love Laurel Baptist Church and all the people that make up this church! It’s truly a place of refreshment, encouragement and a place to grow spiritually! I’m thankful for a church with a passion to see souls saved and nurtured in their relationship with The Lord. Thankful for a church that preaches the bible, not opinions, and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit! There’s no better way to say it, I LOVE MY CHURCH!

  10. I love my church because it is always filled with the love of our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. The leadership team are all true shepherds of the Lord and true Bible doctrine. Thank You Pastor and every member for making LBC the greatest church to be apart of.

  11. I love my church because of its leadership! God truly is the head of all we do, & we have a pastor and staff that puts him at the forefront of all their decisions.

    I love my church because the leaders aren’t afraid to try something different! Routine is the devil’s door to complacency. Complacency leads to apathy. Apathy leads to a dead church! But not my church. My church is alive & well!!

    I love my church because it is truly family! Many churches claim this fact, but few exemplify it. Laurel Baptist Church is more than a congregation of like-minded believers… It is a fortress of family that genuinely cares for one another!

    Finally, and most importantly, I love my church because it is doctrinally sound in its teaching. In a world filled with New Age philosophy, I’m proud to say “We preach Christ”!!

  12. I Love my church because I am a part of it. I’ve been coming to Laurel for almost 5 years, a memeber for 4. But I feel I’m more than just a member. There is a place for everyone to serve at Laurel. I feel wanted and needed. I’m comfortable in my church. I’m excited to see the new faces every week; excited to see how excited they are to be in the services. Laurel encourages spritual growth through various small group bible studies and discipleship opportunities. Not to mention the fun activiites that help build relationships. Laurel encourages it’s members to go out into the world to share their faith with others, to share the joy and excitement felt in serving the Lord. I love my church.

  13. I love my church because how the word is preached and how it speaks to my heart each service. I know that the Lord has something special for our church. Love the music it stays with you all week. Love all the Christian friends that we have and enjoy their fellowship. Thank you Pastor you and your family have made it a joy to worship at Laurel Baptist Church.

  14. I’ve always loved my church every since the first day we walked through the door at Laurel, so thankful that God sent Pastor Jonathan to our church and for his vision for our church, u have truly been a blessing to our church, so thankful for the staff and all the members that God has blessed Laurel with, I love my church too because it is a Bible preaching church, so thankful to be a part of the family of God, I truly LOVE my church LBC, God is soooo good.

  15. I love my church for many reasons, as a new member, I was welcomed into a church I can be proud of. I feel the love and caring of the staff and the members is so refreshing. As I reflect on this I realize the single most reason I love my church is pastor’s real life approach to teaching God’s word. I have attended other churches where it was as if the pastor was inhuman and strictly read from the Bible but did not teach the principles of the Bible or how to apply it to everyday life. I feel God is doing great things at LBC and will continue to bless us.

  16. I love my church for the love, Spirit and Creator that they exemplify. I love my church for a Pastor who stands for the truth of the gospel, no matter what. I love my church for the Spirit filled music, and the opportunity to be a part of it. I love my church for the growth/maturity the Lord has brought to my family and me in the 2+ years we’ve been here. The Lord has truly assembled something great here at Laurel, and the best thing is…He’s not finished yet! I LOVE MY CHURCH!!

  17. I love LBC because the presence of the Holy Spirit is evident. The love felt, overwhelming, and in a good way. The Word of God is preached in truth and in love. It is definitely not an agenda of the pastor and the conviction is felt in every word. The void that I had has now been filled by the love of the pastor and his family, his staff and the church body. This church has helped and is continuing to help me through a very difficult time in my life. Each have helped in their own way and I am grateful and blessed because of it. My spirit has been revived and strengthened since I have been attending. I love each and every one and consider them a part of my family. I know my Father has sent me here to increase in faith and in devotion, to be blessed, and most of all – be a blessing to others.

  18. I love my church because the truth is told about our Lord and Savior every time our church doors are open!!! The facts are clearly expressed to me!
    Our church is very friendly! Loving and caring people are members @ Laurel Baptist Church!!!
    I love my Pastor and his family and are thankful we have found a wonderful Pastor that loves Jesus the way he genuinely does!
    I love my church and love everything and everyone @ Laurel Baptist Church!

  19. I LOVE my church for so many different reasons. I love the preaching. I never leave the service without feeling like God has spoken to my heart. I love my my pastor and his wife. Kathleen is such a blessing and a great role model for me and the ladies at the church. I am so thankful for Brother Jared and Julie and for all the the time and effort they put into the church. I love the music at Laurel and count it an honor to be able to sing with the choir, although I am sure the people around me don’t feel the same way. I love all the people at Laurel which I call family. If you ever need anything the people there will rally around you and they feel l its an honor to help you. I love the spirit at Laurel and all the fun activities. And as my boys put it all the food. I feel truly blessed to call Laurel Baptist Church MY church.

  20. I love my church because of the pastor preaching of Gods word verse by verse.it has really helped me.we are truly blessed with such a great pastor.now,jerod you are great.the choir is fantastic and our people are so nice and friendly. That,s just my 2 cents…

  21. I love love love my church. I have a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ now and it feels great! I knew something was missing in my life and i found out what it was when i joined LBC. Thank you Pastor Blankenship for showing so much love joy and enthusiasm for teaching the Word. You have motivated and inspired me to be a better christian and study the Bible more. It is nice to know I belong to a church where everybody shows so much love and compassion. I truly feel God’s presence when i am at LBC. Worthy is the Lamb.

  22. I love my church because
    1) it was Home the second I stepped in.
    2) you are gonna get The Word everytime
    3) you can make a total fool of yourself and they love you anyways! {Ron and Vivian I think you have some competition at this year’s retreat 🙂 }
    4) most importantly, God has His hands on this church!!! There couldn’t be this much growth and this much love without Him!!!

    Thank you God for pointing us just a mile down the road!!!

  23. I love LBC for a variety of reasons. From the first time Leah and I visited in ’12, we knew that GOD was doing something very special here! The God’s Word is preached, the Cross of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and God’s Spirit moves in the souls of men, all according to the Bible!

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