The Purpose of Small Group Fellowships

On January 8th we will launch a new semester of Growth Groups – our small group ministry. This is the intentional method of structuring our church to fulfill its purpose. Our growth groups meet every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Let me list a few reasons as to why every  member of Laurel Baptist Church should be involved in our weekly Growth Groups.


Fellowship is vital to the believer. It’s one of the reasons for which Christ has structured His church. Our growth groups provide weekly fellowship through encouraging one another, praying for one another, and enjoying one another’s company. Come early and enjoy coffee and refreshments (and sometimes dinner) with those in your life-stage and cultivate this opportunity for weekly fellowship.


Salvation is the miracle of a moment, discipleship is the process of a lifetime. As believers we are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Growth groups aid in this process. Every week our groups are led by spiritual leaders who walk with Christ, study His Word, and teach practical Bible truths for every day living. One-on-one opportunities for Bible study are available as well through our growth groups.


The church is not fulfilling its purpose unless its members are winning people to Christ, leading them to follow Christ in baptism, and helping them grow in a fervent relationship with Christ. The growth groups of Laurel Baptist Church are designed to help fulfill this commission. Every Wednesday opportunities for evangelistic outreach are made available in every growth group as well as opportunities for ministry involvement.


You’ve heard the saying, “A family that prays together stays together.” Think about it. Nothing fosters meaningful friendships and relationships than worshipping together, learning God’s Word together, crying together, praying together, and serving together. Growth groups allow us to build true relationships founded on Jesus Christ.

Plan to be faithful and involved in this season’s growth groups beginning January 8th. If you’ve not been a part of these groups in the past, sign up today for more information.

Why do you love the small group ministry? Feel free to comment below!


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