Three Focal Points of A Big Day

As I write today’s blog, I am overjoyed with God’s work at Laurel Baptist Church during our annual Resurrection Celebration services. Yesterday, we embarked on adding an additional morning service (8:45am & 10:30am) to accommodate the crowd and God certainly blessed our faith. It was awesome to see how God honored Himself through His work.

As I reflect on yesterday’s services I was reminded about the success factors of a fruitful day. Three major focal points came to mind that should be prevalent, not only on special days, but every week of our ministry. I want to commend our church for your faithfulness to these three focuses.

Three words…


As the saying goes, “It takes teamwork to make the dreamwork.” Everything that takes place in a Sunday service or administration of weekly ministry cannot be accomplished by one person. It takes a team of people willing of themselves to serve the Lord wherever needed for the good of the ministry.

Yesterday, hospitality teams arrived as early as 6:30am brewing coffee and preparing donuts,  maintenance crews were cleaning restrooms between services, children’s workers were serving in new additional nurseries, prayer teams were seeking God’s face, and much more! Story after story could be shared of the “laboring together” spirit of Laurel Baptist Church. It could not happen effectively without the cooperation and teamwork of God’s people. THANK YOU for serving in areas of ministry to help others receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.


It’s not enough to schedule a special day and then wait for people to show up. Yes, God builds the church and He brings people in; however, He commands us to be faithful in doing our part to prepare for God’s blessings. For weeks Laurel Baptist Church has worked tirelessly in outreach endeavors for Easter Sunday. We launched “A Tract A Day Campaign,” we knocked thousands of doors, we prepared mailers, and we continued in starting and growing more ministries. As a result nearly 15,000 people were contacted about Easter Sunday in a four week period.

I was reminded as a I read the diversity of responses from yesterday’s “Connection Card” about the importance of every method of outreach. One of our questions is “How did you hear about LBC?                                              ” Notice how God blessed the various outreach methods through these select responses:

  • A family member
  • A postcard in the mail
  • The upward sports ministry
  • A bus worker
  • Someone left literature on my door
  • A friend invited me
  • A co-worker of mine
  • We googled baptist church and found your website.
  • I am a client of one of your members
  • My neighbor invited me

How awesome to see God bless MANY methods of outreach to get people to the gospel message of Christ. Outreach is not a technique, it is essential.


The most important word that is a focal point of success in a big dayJESUS. Resurrection Sunday was not about Laurel Baptist Church, it was about JESUS. John 12:32 says, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” Too many today are focused on lifting up a ministry rather than a person. Jesus said, “If Ibe lifted up…will draw all men unto me.” Think about that! The most important thing we could do on any given day is lift up Jesus Christ.

Lifting up Jesus Christ is why we labor, it’s why we serve, it’s why we give, it’s why we seek excellence in ministry and structure – to lift up the name of Jesus! God blesses a people whose motive is purely the lifting up of Jesus Christ. Ephesians 3:20 says, “Unto HIM be glory in the church by Christ Jesus.” It’s all about JESUS!

Let’s continue with TEAMWORK, OUTREACH, and JESUS!


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