How To Study Your Bible – Part 2

To read Part 1 of “How To Study Your Bible” click here.

4. Have the Right Tools in Studying God’s Word.

There are two primary tools that are essential in Bible Study:

Tool #1 – A Readable Bible

This may seem elementary, but be sure you have a Bible you can read. A particular Bible may be sentimental to you; however, it’s not going to be effective if the print is too small or the pages have been smudged. As you read your Bible underline, highlight, or circle key notes, verses, and phrases.

Tool #2 – A Devotional Journal

Write things down while you study, particularly the items God is speaking to your heart about that day; include a prayer journal inside of your devotional journal. “The weakest ink is better than the brightest mind.”

5. Develop a Plan for Reading and Studying God’s Word.

Do not flip open your Bible and sporadically choose a passage to study, read and study God’s Word systematically. There is no more fundamental step than systematically reading God’s Word, line upon line, precept upon precept. There are two plans I, personally, recommend in Bible study:

Bible Reading Plan A –

1. Old Testament Reading

The best way to read the OT is straight through like a story. There are 929 chapters in the entire Old Testament. Divide 929 by 365 days and you get just over 2 1/2 chapters a day. Commit to reading at least 3 chapters a day in the Old Testament.

2. New Testament Reading

A different approach, but effective, is reading each book of the New Testament over and over again for 30 days. Choose a book (i.e. Philippians), and read all 4 chapters on day, and the again on day two, etc. until the month is complete. This approach helps the Bible student get familiar with the Bible in a way like no other.

Bible Reading Plan B –

This approach would be the popular “read through the Bible in a year” schedule. A recommended approach to balancing this study is reading a chapter in Proverbs every day that corresponds with that day (i.e. On May 22 read Proverbs 22; On May 30 read Proverbs 30).

No matter what Bible reading method you choose, be sure to systematically read your Bible on a daily basis.

How To Study Your Bible will continue with a Part 3 through this blog soon. Stay posted!


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